• Individual Counseling/Therapy: A therapist is usually seen weekly/biweekly to help cope with personal difficulties and increase self-awareness.
  • Group Counseling/Therapy: Clients explore their feelings and behaviors in a group setting with others to increase self-awareness and their ability to relate to one another with regard to common issues. Assists clients in exploring issues while feeling others can understand.
  • Couples Counseling/Therapy: Couples are seen in individual or joint interviews to work on and resolve troubling issues within their relationship. There is a focus on increased communication and understanding for one another.
  • Family Counseling/Therapy: A counselor is seen to discuss issues affecting the family. Members of the family can work together with the guidance of a therapist to improve communication and the manner in which they understand and respond to one another.
  • Hypnotherapy: Exercises that promote deep relaxation and focus. Helps individuals to be open to new possibilities and interpretations, more creative and amenable to changing the ways they have always behaved.

* When possible, clients are referred to other agencies if services cannot be provided by QCS/LISUN.